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Art? Why Art?  Are you crazy?  Coming from a traditional asian family, this was the normal response whenever I mentioned that I wanted to do art.  



“Do not ask yourself what the world needs.

Ask yourself what makes you come alive,

and then go do that.  Because what the world

needs is people who have come alive.”

-Howard Thurman

I came across this quote by Howard Thurman while reading a book.  And quickly realised that creating art – specifically for photography and film – made me feel alive.

I’m inspired by music, anime and films.  Even computer games are great sources of inspiration. Some are listed below.

Music –

  • World Order (who doesn’t love their dance choreography),
  • Daughter (awesome mood and feels),
  • Cigarettes after Sex (likewise),
  • Jazz (because jazz is just awesome).
  • Eurobeat (for those long drives.)

Films and Anime –

  • All things Wong Kar Wai and Christopher Nolan,
  • Blade Runner (I love Neo noir),
  • Kingdom of Heaven (The cinematography is excellent.  I’ve always wanted to image how Middle Ages Jerusalem looked like.)
  • Initial D (mountain racing and tech-speak never looked so cool). And if you haven’t heard Eurobeat yet, this’ll introduce you to it.

You’ll realise I like using the word awesome.  Because that’s how I believe life  and art should be and make you feel.

Image by Alex Jade







I’m love new ideas!  I’m totally open to experimentatio.  Especially in the photography and film to create something new and unexpected.

Part of creating art is the journey it takes to get to the end result, and it might not be what you expect it.  But it’ll be 100% awesome.

If you’d like to collaborate with me for your project, be it fashion or an advertisement piece, just contact me today.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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